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A blog dedicated to an adorable Chinese-Canadian boy named Henry and his Henbutt.

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7.28 | 3 pm KST
Tony Moly with SJM [Fansigning]

7.29 | 5 pm KST
Busan [Fansigning]

7.29 | 9 pm KST
Daejeon [Fansigning]

7.29 | 11:15 pm KST
Magic Eye [Variety Show]

8.9 | --
Korea Music Festival (Music Core at Sokcho)

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Sundays - Real Man

Wednesdays & Fridays - You, Fantastic

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Henry teaching Ryeowook Fantastic’s choreography 

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Anonymous asked: can you tell us how henry is doing with the polls and everything? and how can we help? thank you! ^^


of course! i made a verrrry long post here. i basically wrote everything you can do to help henry out! however, i feel like not a lot of people are voting…but then again, there’s a bunch of popular groups promoting as well right now, so it’s honestly difficult. and there’s so much going on lol.
currently, on show champion henry is #3! with 1.8% of the votes. (there’s still a lot of catching up to do though T_T) on m!countdown henry is #4 with 1.4% of the votes, on music bank he’s #16, on music core he’s #17, and on inkigayo he is #20!
and there’s also something else that recently came up~ the gaon weibo chart. it’s a collaboration between weibo & korea’s gaon music chart! henry is currently #36. you need to have a weibo account though, if you have one vote for henry here! also, if you mention henry in weibo it will count towards korea’s gaon music chart!!! MBC is also having a popularity contest between the soldiers, it’s very easy to vote! you just need to send this ‘#진짜사나이 헨리’ in a tweet to @withMBC! :)
please spread the word! tell everyone to vote for henry!! ^^; thank you ♥
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@henryl89: 자기들부산서봐!!! #헨리 #henry

@henryl89: darlings see you at busan!!! #헨리 #henry (cr)

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@genneo1: The #roommates hanging out @henryl89 @justinim
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Pops in Seoul - Henry

Behind the Scenes of Fantastic MV

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henry and his mom


[140728] Henry at SM

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henry’s unfortunate timing…

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the massage ball

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